Illustration, Art Direction, Drawing
Study of Certainty 1
Illustration, Art Direction, Drawing
Drawing Covid-19 around the World Project
Illustration, Drawing, Animation Visual history of the anti-vax movement
Illustration, Character Design, Journalism Healthcare is a Weapon in Ukraine’s War
Illustration, Painting, Drawing
The Manual Control: What War?
Fine Arts, Illustration, Drawing
The Manual Control: Duplicity
Drawing, Fine Arts, Illustration Brothers in Arms
Illustration, Animation, Drawing
Jail on the Banks of the Wabash,
Drawing, Illustration, Art Direction
Early Sardonic Spectator '13-14
Graphic Design, Illustration, Cartooning
Poster for 3rd Thursday Poetry Asylum
Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Feline Christmas Cards
Character Design, Illustration, Cartooning
Drawing, Fine Arts, Print Design
Study of Certainty
Drawing, Fine Arts, Illustration
Portrait: Apathia
Art Cards
Graphic Design, Illustration, Drawing
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